Name Silhouettes

by Julie Bishop

Personalized name silhouettes make a great gift for any occasion!  Give them for new babies, weddings, anniversaries, or have one custom made for a graduation, occupation, or hobby.  Silhouettes are created using the person's name and are entirely done by hand.  A unique gift anyone would love to get!

Baby Silhouettes
Babies and children are created by using the first name or the first name and middle name - your choice!  The birth date is also included. 

Baby silhouettes are 5 x 7 and come with a pink (girl) or blue (boy) mat and a silver frame.
Weddings and Anniversaries
Weddings are created using the Groom's first and last name and the Bride's first and maiden name.  Anniversaries can be done with just first names or can be done just like the wedding. Wedding date or special phrase, such as Happy 25th Anniversary included.

Wedding and Anniversary silhouettes are 11 x 14 in size and come with a black mat in a silver frame.  Special gold or silver mats for special anniversaries can also be requested.
Custom Made/Special Occasions
Special occasions can also be custom created to show occupations, graduation, hobbies, several children together, and more.

Custom made silhouettes are 11 x 14 in size and come with a black mat and silver frame.